Omdana Therapeutics Team


President: Chris VanDeusen, PhD

  Dr. VanDeusen brings more than 15 years of pharmaceutical research experience to Omdana, beginning at Stanford contributing to a startup (Cellgate) while a PhD student in the laboratories of Paul Wender, leading to a Phase II trial in psoriasis. Most recently, from 2012-2016, he was a Lead Research Investigator at Genzyme, and was the Genzyme Sanofi Access Platform representative (advising and mentoring new programs across the units). Prior to Joining Genzyme in 2012, Dr. VanDeusen served as a Medicinal Chemist at Aventis and subsequently Sanofi. During this time, he led multiple programs and directly contributed to development compounds in the areas of inflammation and tissue dysregulation, including inventing ZL-2102 which is in clinical development for pulmonary disorders such as COPD. Dr. VanDeusen holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Stanford.  


Chief Scientific Officer: Steve Ledbetter, PhD

  Dr. Ledbetter has 33 years of experience in pharmaceutical/biotech research. His research experience focuses on mechanisms of normal and maladaptive tissue remodeling. From 1996-2015, he was at Genzyme Corp. where he initiated a program that identified and developed a human neutralizing antibody against TGFbeta that was evaluated in multiple clinical studies through phase II testing. At the time of his departure he was Group VP responsible for preclinical research in renal, cardiovascular, pulmonary and joint diseases. He led the tissue repair portfolio at Sanofi/Genzyme that included three clinical development programs and three preclinical development programs in addition to a broad range of preclinical research programs encompassing protein, small molecule and nucleic acid technologies.  Dr. Ledbetter holds a PhD in Cellular Biology from Michigan University.